Nevertheless, Maggie enjoys Henry, is available to playing Henry when the he previously one trouble if supernatural-associated or perhaps not

Jeremy Gilbert

Jeremy are Maggie’s younger brother. Which have grown up with her, Maggie and you may Jeremy display a-deep and you will close thread. Just he, her sis however, he or she is and the woman young people most useful and you may eldest pal. He could be well comfortable with both and you can communicate with for each other in the several things. They constantly appeared out for every single almost every other, especially once they learned the fresh new Supernatural community. Jeremy is the only family member just who, even after individual distinctions, requires Maggie’s top, as he handles the lady of Tyler at first. Maggie is the person north las vegas escort girl who relatively understands Jeremy better than somebody else; she understands whenever he or she is lying or whenever he is informing the scenario. Maggie and Jeremy search close because regardless of the, they nevertheless like one another, and you may Jeremy its cares from the the woman and you will handles their.

Henry Gilbert

Henry is Maggie’s younger sibling. Henry and you can Maggie each other deeply value each other however they carry out strive possibly because of becoming siblings. Maggie, as well as have Elena gets upset plus annoyed when Henry wanders of otherwise gets into trouble, and often is actually much trailing about anyone else. Maggie is extremely defensive out-of him, and you may leaves his safety most importantly of all, actually risking her own life to accomplish this on particular celebration. Maggie mainly takes the burden out of caring for Henry. Maggie could well be happy to do anything to safeguard him.

Elena Gilbert

Elena is Maggie’s implemented elderly brother and biological cousin. With grown up together with her, Elena and Maggie show a-deep and romantic bond. They are very well at ease with one another, even after their designated distinctions, and you will keep in touch with each other throughout the several things. Elena is quite supportive regarding Maggie which have any sort of choice she makes. He is very protective of any other.

Bonnie Bennett

Bonnie is the most Maggie’s closest friend because the teens. These are typically close and best family because they was in fact kids. He could be always around for every single almost every other and then have exposed to each other into the several occasions.

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore was Maggie’s best friend, husband, soulmate, and Stefan’s spontaneous old brother. Maggie try the first person Damon met shortly after coming in in the Esoteric Falls ahead of conference Elena. Initially, they appeared to look for for every other people’s presence a hassle and hatred at first. It began arguing a great deal and you can blaming each other due to their troubles. Maggie attempts to go after a relationship that have him 1st that’s sad as he retaliates to help you their efforts, due to the fact Damon actually you will need to show their genuine deal with to push the lady away thus she would not rating damage by him, Maggie admits one to the woman is scared of him, she won’t hop out his front side. Ultimately, Damon warms around her, in the event they form a good friendship and so are extremely comfy in for each other’s company. Maggie is interested for the Damon’s lifestyle and hobbies, and you may she will pick whom they are below their reckless, short-tempered, arrogant, and you can awful ideas. Despite the variations and you may reverse enjoys anywhere between Damon and you will Maggie for the the exterior, It still be an enthusiastic unexplainable, deep, and you will solid bond/relationship towards the one another. Despite Damon’s more than commitment to Elena, Maggie are the first ever to uncover Damon’s seriously buried, concealed humanity as he was still a good vampire, much ahead of Elena did. Maggie tempers Damon’s strong interior darkness, bringing out this new silky, soft, a great deal more sensitive, compassionate side of your which have spirits, exhibiting the brand new devoted internal Damon. They have been secured in to the and surrounded of the heavier wall space to have centuries. Damon has actually stored Maggie’s lives numerous times within the show, and then he is often indeed there on her behalf assuming she need recommendations. Damon is also extremely defensive out of this lady, declining so you can harm the woman, chew the lady, otherwise suck her bloodstream significantly less than any situations, regardless of if he’d bit Maggie the very first time, and this reawakened the woman Banshee powers. Whether or not they are sense like a personal minute together, it gain a closer dating, and you can Damon will get Maggie’s chief confidant. He could be certainly Maggie’s only somebody comfy these are something she doesn’t mention to help you anybody else. Maggie is additionally touched of the just how Damon is definitely truth be told there for the woman when she actually is harming as well as how informative he could be away from her and her feelings, bringing-up one Damon is often destination-with the about precisely how she feels.

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