Their Sons, John Jr. and you will William, and you can Grandson Samuel

John Hodgkinson bequeathed his farm in order to his sons, John Jr. and you can William, with John obtaining western half this new ranch littlepeoplemeet mobile and you can William choosing the new east half, based on the location out-of an excellent brook that divided the fresh farm. The newest phrasing about commonly means that John Sr. really expected this one and/or other away from his sons you are going to be able to play with and relish the farm, which had been definitely the fresh fruit of a lot of John Sr.’s labor. To the scanning this, my very first think is which i must find home ideas locate it farm inside the Pownal to discover the latest label records, to see who eventually had it. Each other John Jr. and you may William ended up during the Grantham Township toward Niagara Peninsula when you look at the Ontario, since the did John why man, Samuel, so it is generally that all the latest heirs toward ranch decided on to sell it. Samuel Hodgkinson would have been six years of age at that time their pops wrote their usually in 1782, of course, if the guy became twenty-you to definitely, he had been to receive a supplementary 50 miles of end in Bennington.

His Daughters, Mary, Martha, Dorothy, and Ann

Although the bequests and you will descriptions regarding John’s possessions are interesting, what is actually most chin-dropping about this document ‘s the range of in earlier times-unknown des their girl once the Dorothy Package, Ann McKenna, Mary Miller, and you will Martha Pember, and you can identifies Thomas Miller because some other grandson. This post provides after that confirmation that the Hodgkinson loved ones revealed for the it document is the same as brand new Loyalist Hodgkinsons off Grantham. The brand new info off St. Mark’s Anglican Church when you look at the Niagara-on-the-River reveal that, toward and Mary (Jones) Hodgkinson was in fact baptized, and additionally “William, Thomas, Dorothy, John Pember, Rockaway, Martha, Eleazer Alexr [sic], and you may George.” 5 It appears to be obvious given that William’s ded just after his siblings, Dorothy (Hodgkinson) Bargain and you may Martha (Hodgkinson) Pember, and therefore their child John Pember’s middle term is actually motivated by the elizabeth. All this is fertile ground to have growing new Hodgkinson family members tree. The brand new executors, David Goff and you can Basteyon Contract, also are deserving search subjects, just like the are Abraham Bowdish and Joseph Briggs, who have been the other witnesses on the tend to as well as Paul Gardner. Particularly, “Basteyon” (Sebastian?) Contract is most probably a family member because of the marriage of Dorothy (Hodgkinson) Bargain.

The latest Patch Thickens

Once the final web page of the often (webpage 194), there is a pair of entries with the page 195 on police arrest records, found into the Profile step three. six

Shape step 3: Choices and you will Orders away from Judge Jonas Fay, Bennington Probate Court, seven April 1783 (top), and you may twenty-four March 1785 (bottom). Mouse click to view large.

At the Probate Court holden for the during the Bennington regarding the Probate Area from Bennington into eight th day of April Post. 1783 of the Advantage of an appropriate Citatation [sic], Actually featured the within named Mary Hodgkinson, and you can alledged [sic] the contained in this Often will not create instance Provision on her behalf, since Rules in such cases Lets, which pray, the fresh Judge so you can disapprove a similar, the number of persons named regarding Admission being establish and having absolutely nothing to bring (regarding the opinion of your own Court) adequate to agree the will, the newest Legal do therefore disapprove thereof, one Management to be taken away, which an equivalent become Registered. [Signed] Jonas Fay Courtroom Probt.

At the a good Probate Courtroom holden on Bennington about Probate Region away from Bennington into 24 th day of February Advertising. 1785 Mary Hodgkinson Widow of your own within this Testator becoming actually expose, and you can relinquishing the girl previous objection to Probating the inside Have a tendency to, and you can John Hodgkinson among the many Legatees titled into the told you Usually becoming Simultaneously present in part off themselves, and you will Peter McKenna, Adam Price, Ralph Miller, William Hodgkinson and Philip Pember while the seems because of the writing around the ^ labels and you will Seals, and you can Entered in this place of work, and you will hoping in their multiple capabilities your within Tend to e was hereby accepted and acceptance. By the Jonas Fay, Jud g. Prob t .”

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