Happy my personal book assisted you, and I’m happy you’ve located your own types of and you can more than likely stacking

Teaching MBTI and you will Enneagram through fictional characters. Disclaimer: one interaction due to a social media should never be used since the a substitute for cures. If you prefer let, obtain it from a professional specialist.

hey, many thanks for your imput yesterday! isfp 9w8 seems proper, i misunderstood the fresh new fuctions i suppose, immediately after rereading the newest section tgpersonals profile search from isfp on the guide i see how and just why i am one to! […]

by the way you know what does it indicate being a great synflow otherwise an excellent countraflaw (idk easily wrote her or him correctly)? i’ve seen men and women words off instinctive alternatives however, i don’t see the factor i discovered!

Cool MBTI from inside the Fiction

I’m scared I am unable to assist you with your matter; given that contra and you will synflow is actually maxims that decline to stick from inside the my personal mind. I believe some of my personal followers are quite experienced towards one or two, thus possibly among them commonly reblog and explain him or her to possess you.

I am awesome far from a specialist on the synflow/contraflow, so most of the I can would are make an effort to reword just what We have realize of Enneagrammer inside hopefully more concrete terms.

Synflow/contraflow refer to “directional” areas of instinctual stackings on Enneagram. The theory getting that 2nd abdomen try good “playzone” and this supporting the individuals absolute goal/principal gut. It lay about three stackings to the “synflow” classification, to your second abdomen giving support to the first more effectively and you may feeling more “sexual,” and around three about “contraflow” class, with the second gut becoming nearly counterproductive to the very first instinct’s goals and feeling “harder to reach.”

SP-doms are “synflow” when they’re therefore-seconds as opposed to sx-mere seconds. Having fun with social because the an effective playzone, commit out and you may engage neighborhood to fulfill health/autonomy-associated means, basically “renders even more feel” than playing with biochemistry as an easy way to meet up fitness/autonomy-relevant needs. Sp-doms find liberty and you can stability, and you can sp/thus feels much more “stable” than simply sp/sx.

SO-doms try “synflow” when they’re sx-seconds unlike sp-seconds. The brand new buzzy biochemistry regarding sx can be even more that lead to help you building and you can keeping social contacts compared to much more self-possessed nature regarding sp. So-doms seek influence and value in the public fields, thereby/sx seems “splashier”/more socially tempting than just very/sp.

SX-doms is actually “synflow” when they are sp-mere seconds in place of so-mere seconds. Brand new public playzone “pulls” sx/therefore out-of the emphasis, that is taking forgotten in biochemistry and you can screens which have particular individuals. In comparison, using sp since a good playzone can make an extra concerned about the specific components of balance that can generate somebody more desirable in order to anybody else ultimately. Sx-doms attempt to eradicate by themselves for the chemistry and be “in-tune” having push-pull figure, and you can sx/sp feels more “electric” much less constrained because of the public laws while also that have so much more enough time-term sense than simply sx/so.

Basically, contraflow stackings are said so you’re able to nearly “not in favor of the new sheer purchase of things” (which is to satisfy that certain you desire during the before meeting another need) or perhaps self-thwarting, which have synflow stackings doing work more readily regarding real-world.

I do believe, it’s not necessary to thought moves and find your own stacking, once the they have been merely additional methods classification him or her (kind of like you don’t have to know all the fresh triads/centers/communities to determine a trifix.) I believe moves much more used in those who are such “I’m sure You will find therefore and you will sx in certain buy/see I am sp-blind, however, was not sure which is the principal instinct.” In that case, they may believe whether the intimate abdomen helps them socially hook up, or if or not its personal gut can be nearly block off the road of their daunting longing for sx contacts.

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