Yet not, further looks suggest that he might was in fact French Canadian rather than just Alsatian

We lay you to definitely list on the rear bookshelf, believing that we had not even fatigued documentary browse which could however develop some leads otherwise knowledge. I seemed the fresh new 1840 census both in Detroit and you may Buffalo, the latest Buffalo, Ny, Death Directory, and Buffalo urban area directories, chasing after down the Relative, Cossin, Causin, Cassin, Curson, Cozzens, and every other surnames one to searched remotely equivalent phonetically. I checked probate information away from Wayne Condition, Michigan, for the sources so you’re able to Mary once the a keen heir, and although elizabeth with one guaranteeing mention of “Pierre Casson (Coussin),” which had been no less than nearby the correct title. Nonetheless, it was a contribute which i might have pursued next. We appeared probate information inside Buffalo, as well, however, discover little. Church details away from St. Joseph’s may still become revealing. Maybe they have ideas out-of premarital research, and therefore either given more information regarding the groom and bride than is situated in the genuine relationship number? Furthermore, church info (deaths, specifically) from both St. Louis into the Buffalo and you can St. ined. There is-whilst still being is-try to be achieved.

In addition got particular nagging doubts. Can you imagine Mary try never ever baptized? There was specific research that Alsatian area for the Buffalo during the the brand new 1820s are “perhaps not unduly devout;” might the lady mothers has omitted one to rite? 13 That it theory has been more likely had Mary already been born within the Buffalo ahead of 1829, however, if an excellent Catholic church was already in existence of the on the 1833 when she came to be, they looked probable one she would was baptized around. However several other question showed by itself. Within my browse sense, of numerous immigrants determined its host to resource into nearest huge area. Can you imagine Mary was not born into the Buffalo, however, close it? I would personally discovered facts in my lookup to have Alsatian family members farming for the outlying teams from the West New york city, from Buffalo to help you Rochester. Possibly she was born in some of those communities?

Clues regarding the Causins’ Team

Given that party look (known as Partner research, lookup on the a keen ancestor’s Relatives/family members, Partners, and you may Neighbors) has been very fruitful for me personally prior to now, I thought i’d look closer at the Maria Brant (or Brandt) and you may Charlotte Braun, two of the Roberts family members’ Admirers who have been listed on church information, and you can were not identified nearest and dearest. Once more, little sprang out within me; studies of noted suggestions didn’t develop worthwhile people exactly who was indeed born in the France, Alsace, or Switzerland and you can which could have been connected to Mary. I left returning compared to that baptismal record to have Maria Magdalena Gosy: mom in addition to godmother encountered the same surname, Hensy, and i guessed that they have been at the very least cousins, if you don’t siblings. Actively seeks “Hensy” for the Buffalo and you can Detroit ideal that this surname, too, may have been misspelled, and i also quickly discover a plethora of Italian language surname options away from listed details, as well as Hintse, Hantz, Hense, Hentzi, Hentz, Hentzy, Hans, as well as Hohensee. There have been zero noticeable fits to possess Maria Anna Hensy, yet not. Something a whole lot more is actually wanted to reveal this study state, and i hoped one things will be DNA.

DNA to the Save

Even if I am able to have used my own personal DNA matches lists, I have inside my collection DNA meets directories both for my personal Dad and his awesome paternal sibling. Sister Betty are a couple years nearer to , and you will she must have inherited about a dozen.5% out of the lady DNA out of this sort of ancestor. With the far “Causin” DNA, I questioned so it wouldn’t be too difficult to determine suits inside the Sibling Betty’s fits number which might be pertaining to all of us as a result of Mary Magdalene Causin. Nevertheless, they grabbed a while to get at the stage where I got known enough matches which were most likely associated through the ancestors of Mary Magdalene Causin-and not our other German otherwise Alsatian forefathers-which i you certainly will attempt to contrast family trees and look for preferred surnames and you may urban centers.

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