I have such close memory of [city/state] – We visited whenever I is X years old and positively loved [destination/feature]

Venue Issues

1. will it be true what people say about surviving in [city/state]? (like, “is-it true what people say about located in L.A.? include freeways basically vehicle parking plenty?”)

Task and Job Issues

16. You tweeted about probably [conference] – are you currently before? I am debating if to visit, and I also’d want to listen your opinions.

17. My friend used to work at [current or former team]. Have you any a°dea [name]? That was it like employed here?

18. As a representative for [company], we speak to a lot of people in [customer’s profession], however’re the first I’ve met that’s actually majored in [unexpected major]! Exactly how’d that happen?

19. I read on the LinkedIn you spoke at [event] – actually impressive. Do you have any potential communicating events lined up?

22. you are fluent in [second language], appropriate? Wow! will you happen to be [country] most of the time? Do you use [language] in your work? Will there be a 3rd words within future?

23. Nearly all my people in [customer’s part] let me know [X detail about job]. Has that presented correct within experience?

College and Interest Inquiries

28. You’re an alum of [college]! My pal finished from [college] in [year]. They said it absolutely was truly X … (Or, “I’ve never fulfilled anybody who visited [college] before! That which was they like? Are you willing to suggest using?”)

32. While I found myself getting ready for the talk, we noticed your heed [influencer] on relatedIn. Just what do you imagine her tactics on [topic]? (On the other hand, “Did you read their guide?”)

33. I noticed you follow [influencer] on Twitter — i really do, as well. Did you see what they composed last week about [topic]?

34. I noticed on LinkedIn you attended [college]. My [niece/son/grandchild/family friend] ended up being thinking of applying. That which was your own skills like?

Material and Activity-Based Concerns

39. Your not too long ago tweeted a hyperlink to [podcast/radio show]. Have you ever listened to [specific episode/similar show]? (This concern in addition works well with e-books, movies, and shows.)

42. I noticed which you tweeted about [author/book identity] — i am searching for another browse, do I need to try [author/book name]?

45. I am getting a novel for somebody’s [milestone 12 months] birthday. Do you recall checking out things around that period that basically altered your daily life?

47. I watched on [associatedIn, Twitter, Facebook] you are interested in [topic]. How do you [learn in regards to, come across] that [topic, field]?

49. I check the [article, article, interview, white report, ebook] you contributed on [topic] on [LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitter, etc.] exactly what did you like about any of it?

Providers Questions

52. We saw [company] claimed [award] not too long ago — way to go. Do you publish an entryway, or are you oblivious your own personnel had been right up for consideration? Who were your contending with?

54. I noticed on Twitter [you/your organization] just begun utilizing [non-competitor product]. heated affairs support We were planning on trying this one aside — what is already been the enjoy yet?

55. Your business’s escape picture emerged on Instagram. Did you fancy [destination]? That was the emphasize in the trip?

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