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???‚A?Please bring nude using the vocals on. I’ll paint a photo, and you will certainly be my personal product.’ Ken’s vocals is filled with passion for unusual artwork.

Ken places big bit of purple towel on the floor & takes out a huge vat high in white rice. Then he pours the white rice throughout the purple towel now this really is like an ocean of white rice (or a movable hill of white rice).

I undressed me and sit on the white rice. Ken informs me to make my back to him so that he is able to paint my as well as my personal thighs. Suddenly, the way he investigates me personally possess ignited my personal untamed creativity.

The white rice is actually carefully adopting my highly sensitive facial skin. Right here i’m. I am able to totally feeling every whole grain that will be practically electrifying the feelings inside my facial skin plus my human body. Without evaluating what these feelings actually are, i just think in it and give it time to unfold.

The back ground audio are Norah Jones’s appear Away beside me. Norah Jones’s sound is actually gradually, steadily weaving my personal surface and also the white rice grain along. I’m a part of the stream. Meanwhile, Ken was gradually, mindfully decorating the image behind myself. About 40 minutes later, Ken states, ???‚A?Turn around today.’

???‚A?You can easily see the movement within this visualize,’ Ken explains what they have done in information. ???‚A?It’s tender, soft and sexy, but very powerful.’

In the first place,

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In second location,

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