It sounds like there’s most likely a wire flipped going to the primary TV

If scan choices aren’t functioning you only choice could be to do the television down to get access to the cables. Sorry for without a less strenuous recommendation. Jason

the exterior TV hooks toward cable tv with a coax but the audience is uncertain how exactly to redirect they toward television. do we want a splitter? Thank you

Terenna, I am not sure if you are using recipe or DirecTV, in either case you will likely wanted a moment device, or something like meal Hopper enabling more than one television from just one radio. The Coax from plate has got to go right to a receiver following the radio directs an indication to your television Probably using 3 analog wiring (yellow, reddish and white) or an HDMI wire. I hope that will help you, if you have a followup question kindly inform me. Cheers, Jason

My family area tv inside my rv is effective, but once I-go to scan/channel research the outside and room tvs I get absolutely nothing. Just what can it be?

Always check behind the primary TV for a jumper you might switch. You’ll probably be giving the cable tv or satellite signal to another tvs as opposed to the antenna. Thanks, Jason

You will find 6 television places. Each posses their link in the major screen to connect through the RV whole lot wire. Discover a master link for cable tv definitely likely to drive cable tv to the TVs but merely woks the living room and outdoor kitchen area TV. Best ways to buy them all to focus?

Eric this seems like a jumper difficulty as well. Their antenna indication might be goin for the tvs as opposed to the wire. Is there a jumper cable or switch on the main board or behind the television you could flip? Thanks, Jason

We failed to want to incorporate a second receiver just to have TV outside also

Our company is connected into the campsites wire program in which there are not any boxes. Is there in any manner be effective both tv’s at the same time. As soon as we possess booster on for all the family area we can not have reception from inside the bedroom once we have the booster down, we can not get reception in living room. There are times in which we wish to own both television’s choosing different channels on.

It sounds like splitter coming off your booster is within the completely wrong place, you have to get the booster outside of the wall structure and trace down which wire goes toward one other tvs. It must be attached to the exact same transmission that feeds the key TV. Hope that will help, Jason

Unique camper. Looking to get the cable tv in the future on in camper. Automobile skim mentioned 100 rf channel and 8 digital channel. No wire stations are coming through. Any recommendations? Many Thanks Sandra

Sandra, you might need to hit the change to change your own booster down. That’ll change from antenna towards the cable insight. Many Thanks, Jason

Just got a camper jason

. have a mobile satellite system and would like to catch it up.. am I able to hook up the recipe right to the camp wire connect or do I have to run a fresh line only for that?

I am having problems with transmission for my satellite, I narrowed it down to my personal coax from the external to the indoors . If place a male connector through the older coax to a new you would it is possible to pull the old one out over change it with a new one

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